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Are you interested in engineering, manufacturing, & robotics


    --Participate in a state and national award winning STEM program

    --Earn rigorous, high-level academic high school and college credit

    --Learn how to work in a team to design, build, and compete with robots at the National

           Robotics Challenge,

     --Enhance your resume with internship experience at a local manufacturing or engineering



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    Are you interested in how things work?

    Do you like math, science or technology?

    Do you like putting things together?

    Are you wondering about a career in engineering,

        manufacturing, or robotics?

    MTA is now enrolling students for next year's junior and

        senior classes!



Manufacturing firms in our region compete in an increasingly-complex global economy and need personnel with strong academic and technical skills. MTA prepares students to compete in this market through a comprehensive curriculum that integrates high level academics with technical proficiencies and links these concepts to their industry applications via mentoring, competitive projects and internships.


Along with rigorous academic classes in honors chemistry, honors physics, advanced physics, honors economics, Algebra II, trigonometry/precalculus, honors calculus and English (including College Calculus I – III and differential equations), students experience industry-standard training in critical thinking and problem solving. MTA’s technical curriculum builds knowledge in design and graphical communications, electrical and mechanical, manufacturing and civil engineering, logistics, robotics and automation and project planning, and provides experience working in teams and managing a complex project. Seniors design and build a robot to compete at the National Robotics Challenge in Marion, Ohio and the Math, Engineering and Science Symposium in Traverse City. Workplace experiences for all MTA students include an assigned mentor, an internship in a local engineering or manufacturing firm, company tours, job shadowing, and industry-related projects.

Manufacturing Technology Academy of Northwest Michigan Mission Statement:
To provide a learning environment which motivates and enables students to acquire world-class manufacturing and engineering skills while positioning them to compete and excel in the global market.








                   Students Capture Top Honors at Competition!                     



2016 First Place MTA Rescue Robot

2017 First Place MTA Autonomous Hockey Robots

MTA 2014 Honda Innovation Award Winning Team Presents to Honda Engineers

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