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Programs - Construction Trades




"The training the CTC Construction program has provided has made the graduates I've hired more focused on the construction field and allowed them to advance quicker within the company." —Dave W., Webster Construction Inc.


"The skills that I have learned in CTC Construction have helped me be a step ahead at work and have helped me improve my grades back at my home school."
—Kevin K., Bellaire

"The skills I am learning at CTC have helped me advance more rapidly than other employees on my job as a mason. Additionally, things I was able to do during construction of my parent's new house helped tremendously." —Bob F., Glen Lake

"My dad is amazed at how much I have learned and how those skills have been useful doing repairs around our house." —James M., Traverse City West

"The skills I am learning and the experience I am gaining will definitely help me move forward in my chosen career, construction." —Bill W., Traverse City Central


Parent Quote: "This is the second year my son has been in the Construction program at CTC. He has always been interested in construction but he never realized how much he enjoyed fine woodworking until he gained experience through projects in the program. Mr. Kitzman recognized Sam's interest and placed him on a work experience at a local cabinetry shop. This experience has changed his career goals to include the idea of specializing in this area of the industry. The opportunity to attend the Career-Tech Center has been an important choice for my son, and the support he has received from the instructor and paraprofessionals has been a vital part of his career and academic growth."  —Deborah M.


Business Advisors

Morgan Flory, Student  

Jim Flory Jr., Parent  

Jim Flory Sr., Grandparent  

Tom Ford, TC West High School  

Jim Grant, TBACTC Paraprofessional  

Jeremy Hoxie, Britten Woodworks  

Melinda Krumlauf, Britten Woodworks  

Brian Rodriguez, MacAllister Equipment  

Thomas Sensabaugh, TBACTC Instructor  

Todd Stephens, Homeland Building Products  

Kevin Summers, SEEDS  

Neal Sweet, Homeland Building Products  

Judy Vajda, Home Builders Assoc. of GTA  

Jon Wakeman, Wakeman & Wakeman  

Kris Wendland, TBACTC